Color Portraiture

  • family force 5 nadaddy portrait
  • family force 5 fatty portrait
  • family force 5 chaptstique portrait

In 2013 I attended a concert of Family Force 5, an Atlanta-based crunk band, after a Hawks game. Equipped with a basic Canon Rebel, I photographed as much of the event as I could given the limitations of the camera model in low light situations. I later decided to turn the best of the shots into a series of posters for the band to sign at later dates, inspired by the extreme lighting of the concert to inform the color choices for the series; the most difficult part being the color coordination for each poster. Each portrait takes around 40 hours to complete, using minimal layers in Photoshop, & referencing the original photograph instead of employing a paint-over technique. It is currently an ongoing project.

  • Self-Directed, Portraiture
  • Photoshop
  • Camilla Shaffer Hayes
  • 2013