Event Identity

This identity was created for a one-time event: a wedding. The venue provided the basis of the identity: a Scottish castle recreated in the North Carolina mountains. A custom heraldic achievement sits atop all printed material for the event, featuring dragon supporters, flourishes, & quadrants of the shield displaying the interests & loyalties of the couple. The colors that informed the event were black & white with varying shades of orange: agreed as a good mix of classy, punk, & autumnal.

The premium typefaces Hera Big ExtraLight & Nori were paired as body & title type, respectively, on the programs & letterpressed invitation sets. The invitations, printed on the Chandler & Price letterpress machine I had refurbished in my internship, were done as one color prints to keep costs lower; assembled craft paper wrapped the invitation, RSVP, & hotel information cards together, as well as continuing the event colors that really popped when the envelops were opened.


shaffer-hayes event wedding invitation close up
shaffer-hayes event invitation
shaffer-hayes event wedding invitation envelop


shaffer-hayes event program


shaffer-hayes event wedding family flag