Production Art

family rendering of the "good nature" product line from Studio C

Collection Family Renderings

One task for the Production Artist at Studio C is to create a rendering of each new collection in the basic formats: a 1-subject notebook, composition notebook, 2-pocket folder, 1-inch binder, & small notebook. We call it the Family Rendering, used for internal purposes as well as outside sales meetings.

When I first took over the task, the files were bloated, didn’t have proper reflections, & took way too long to update. I took the time to recreate the files with Photoshop smart objects; now the files are much smaller & take about five minutes to update. Win-win!

Template Layout

One of the most important duties of production artists is to take the collection art, made by the design team, & properly lay out that art onto the different format templates. Care is taken to make sure spot colors are correct & to properly layer special finishes, such as foil or spot UV, for the factories to easily read & set up for manufacturing.

template layout of "silver lining" 2-pocket folder
organizational format prototypes

Prototypes & Physical Mock-Ups

When templates have been set up, product managers order samples from the manufacturers for the sales team to present to potential buyers. Whenever a sample isn’t available, this production artist got to create that item from scratch as a physical prototype or mock-up, special finishes & all.

Simpler formats, such as 1-subject notebooks or 2-pocket folders, can take as little as 2o minutes from start to finish, including punching, binding, special finishes, & lamination. Other formats, such as planners or organizers, could take much longer depending on what materials are needed.

And all are made with the utmost quality, & regularly compared with similar samples to ensure accurate representation to our buyers.