Qarter 1 of the year of 2023 has now left us, but the New Year’s resolutions we set are forever. How am I stacking up against the goals I set months ago, now that a fourth of the sand in the yearglass has slipped away like crushed granules through the fingers of time? I discuss all successes and failures in this video update, whilst working on art that exemplifies success in 2 major goals!

Like a true Slytherin I set, perhaps, too many goals. Half of them having to do with business, and a couple that aren’t exactly art but feed me in other ways, creatively speaking. I can assure you a new career in sewing or competitive Latin ballroom dancing is only slightly more likely than, say, getting a PhD in civil engineering. A lot less people would die if I sewed my rhinestone dress wrong than if I tried calculating soil bearing capacity anyway.

But that’s beside the point. Of my 11 ridiculous goals I set, most of them are in solid progress, several are demoted or redefined, and an adjacent goal is sort of introduced. Not a goal so much as part of a normal business plan but it flowed with the topic so I threw it in there like so many thoughts I spit out at strange times. And for only a Q1, doing pretty well! More things are plans and more goals will hopefully be accomplished in the next trimester of the calendar year.

And I hope you have a super duper day!

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