Have you ever loved your friends’ characters so much you wanted to punch them? [Your friends and/or their characters]. Perhaps they give you a bit of inspiration and you want to capture the moment in art form? Have you wanted to game-ify art to get better at it? WELL, why not combine all those notions together and fight your friends in the world’s largest character exchange art battle??!

I tried exactly that for the first time this year for Art Fight 2022. And it was a bit of a journey, though not nearly as emotional as the Essek Thelyss rollercoaster. No no, this was a month-long experiment to improve my character art skills rapidly that just so happened to get me points off some of my online art friends. I was not prepared for the gut-pucnhes back, though; that was very much a surprise. I was very pleased on my improvement with hand and lin eart, especially!

And as usual: Damn you, Cers (affectionate).

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