Hi, all! I’m taking RainyCraze in a new direction, so expect the website to change around by the end of the year. Truly a launch habit for me by now.

Currently, RainyCraze.com is set up as a portfolio site so I could apply to graphic design jobs, with the thought of freelancing design services on the side. After getting a print production/mockup artist role last year [& being pretty good at it, if I do say so myself], I’ve gotten to know myself better & what I really find fulfilling in the design field. Examining all my previous experiences in all kinds of jobs I’ve had, I’ve realized I love making products instead of offering services. There’s nothing like holding up a finished poster, or shirt, or notebook, or whatever at the end of the day!

Now, checking dielines & cutting paper into different forms is a fine job, & I greatly enjoy it as a whole. Also helps that the people I work with are FANTASTIC; never underestimate good coworkers & culture: they have a huge impact on your quality of life. But checking dielines & cutting paper aren’t necessarily artistically fulfilling. So I’m planning, with a for-real written business plan & all, to sell handmade silkscreen prints on Etsy under the name RainyCrazePrints. This site will reflect that retail line, though I likely won’t have independent commerce set up here anytime soon.

I will be keeping my portfolio & professional materials here, just under a subdomain so as to keep things clear. No sense marketing a product line if people get confused by a general design portfolio on display, right?

So that’s how RainyCraze is changing. I hope to start showing teasers of these prints in not too long! And some especially exciting fancy paper will be had!

See you soon!