Months in the making, hours and hours of fretting and brainstorming and purposeful procrastinating to get the creative juices flowing when I would get stuck. More that 1000% sped up for the timelapse portion. A handful of Adobe Illustrator tutorials referenced for very specific problems, for yet one singular goal in mind. Finally for the reveal: The Shadowhand, Essek Thelyss…as a screen print preview.

That which I have worked so hard behind the scenes for the last few months has finally come to fruition!!! Friends on a particular Artists’ Guild of Exandria discord were privvy to certain updates, and many thanks to some helpful feedback along the way.

It’s no secret [on TikTok & Twitter anyway, not sure where else publicly I mention it] that I’m a huge Critical Role fan, and a big Essek Thelyss stan in particular. I joined the fan club Discord of other Essek stans in fact. And as a community we went through all the clown makeup hoping for Essek merchandise someday.

Someday eventually arrived, but not in the ways I had hoped and definitely not in the timeline I craved. Giving that I’m professionally trained and also have an entire screen printing setup in my house I decided to make my own screen printable art for Essek. And this is the result!!

Will the art end at this preview? Essek is indeed ready for his screen print debut, metallic silver ink & everything. I am fully prepared to print one for myself.

Or should I?

It’s just as easy to print 85 as it is 1 in the screen print world. But maybe that’s too many?

I need advice: I want to know if anyone else wants a metallic Essek screen print!

Because screen printing is bulk friendly, 25 people buying a print would only cost $40+shipping to fund the print run. But if only 2 people are interested, I’d have to charge $445. Plus shipping. So definitely the more, the merrier in this case!

No major rush, but let me know if you want the Essek screen print! [Youtube comments, social posts, Discord, etc.] If there’s enough interest, we could make this print a reality!

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