Technology problems happen to everyone at some point. As you can imagine (and as I described in fuller detail in the video), when I got back from vacation and realized the problem, I was aghast. Aghast, I say! This is the first time I had a tech problem just wipe out a bunch of assets like that. I mean, why even update all the apps at the same time?? Stagger your potential bugs, dangit!

Anyway for the Artists’ Guild of Exandria, a much more chill project for the October spooky season was a great relief. Considering the immediately previous project was an absolutely massive endeavor. Words of wisdom, when you have a hectic season in your life, follow it up with scheduled relaxation right away; your time is going to be taken up by SOMETHING so make sure “restoring energy” is there first.

I had massive loads of fun with this one, since I LOVE willowisps. I experimented with deliberate eyelines in the composition & got to incorporate some techniques I experimented with earlier this year. I also think my digital painting skill has increased a solid notch this year, and I’m SUPER proud of how Fjord’s facial expression came out!

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