Is it possible to be shocked, but not surprised? The company I’ve been working for the last two years, Studio C [a division of CarolinaPad] is suddenly folding. We’ve wrapped up what loose ends & salvages we can. I’ve loved working with these people, my job responsibilities, & even the commute. This company & its people allowed me to build skills, insight, & confidence in myself & my career goals. There were flags along the way leading to this, but the unexpected holiday timing is from the mega-bank that holds the credit line.

As such, I’m currently job searching for print production roles in a Production Artist capacity, though I also have plenty of hands-on experience with presses, printers, vinyl cutters, punches & binders, laminators, foil, flocking, cold mount, basic book binding, & all the software that goes with that. Basically, for the last two years I’ve been a one-person workshop, & I’m damn good with a knife. More info on my LinkedIn profile.

I will be staying in the greater Charlotte, NC area, but I am available for telecommute as well. At Studio C my workroom was miles from the office my boss worked from, so as long as the server was up everything worked great!

There are plenty of projects to keep me busy. The support from family, friends, & my coworkers going through the same situation have been absolutely wonderful. And thanks to the Baby Steps I don’t have to panic. So while the situation isn’t good, it could be worse; & if I stick to the plan everything will work out.

With love & gratitude,

Merry Christmas