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Alternative art for the discerning humanoid

Imagine a world that is perfectly tailored to you. Everything around gives off the perfect mood, the right energy. A steady rapping of rain on the window sets the ideal tone, & an open agenda allows you the day to bask amongst your treasures. A carefully curated crowd of curiosities crown your cabinets, full shelves fill the air with that beautiful book smell required of any satisfying study. And adorning the walls is all the kinds of unique imagery that inspire you to be even more of yourself. Truly, this is your sanctuary.

No whole world is perfectly tailored to any one of us, of course. And even homes or rooms can take many years of careful saving & splurging to make it just the right space; one of a kind for one.

But you don’t have to wait to make your space yours, placing even one great piece of art on your wall will instantly begin repaying you with senses of “this is home” & “I get great vibes by being here”. (If you’ve ever been in an apartment that doesn’t allow certain kinds of decoration, you know what a buzzkill all blanks walls is.)

And if a rainy day, curio cabinets, & the smell of books are your kind of jam, RainyCraze prints wants to add just the art to your collection of inspiring imagery.

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