Announcing the redesign! I have officially separated my professional portfolio from this, my art prints product business. So if you’ve arrived to check out my graphic design experience, head over to this site instead.

But now! Welcome to the new site for RainyCraze prints! Brand new layout, functions, & waaaaay faster loading. Plus a lot of great backend stuff, but you don’t care about that. It does help you see all the new prints that I have for sale, though!

Etsy’s a great marketplace & all, but let’s face it: when you’re looking for a specific shop or item, the algorithm doesn’t always give you that thing. A large part of it has to do with how other people tag their items for searching, but the vibes don’t always match. If you look for “original dragons prints” you’re just as likely to find OK fan art of Dragon Ball Z, How to Train Your Dragon, & Game of Throne as anything else.

But here you can find all the official RainyCraze art & the right links to purchase. PLUS no roundabout links to the super exclusive discount! It’s available at the bottom of most web pages here.

Still working out some bugs here & there. And of course, more things will become available over time as I develop them, including a way to buy art directly from me in case Etsy & other marketplaces go a little sideways.

A second announcement! Plans have certainly been upset the last couple months & I’ve had to really look hard my options for the new art collection. Some of those options were changed by outside forces, but I don’t want make the next collection any less than my best. So! In order to make the coolest limited edition print collection in my ability, the full collection launch will be this summer! I’ve been working hard on it & shown some peaks behind the curtain over on Instagram, & it looks like these will be even more popular than Autumn Dragons! I can’t wait to show you, so sign up for the RainyCraze email list to get the exclusive discount & get first word when it comes out!