So you’ve finally come up with a bunch of good ideas for art projects. That’s great! The first hurdle is done and you’re excited to dive in. But which of those ideas do you start with? How do you decide between art projects? And then when you do decide on one something to start, how do you know which iteration of that idea is the best one? Well I don’t know how other people do it, but I have figured out a rule of thumb that works for myself at least. Give it a watch!

Rikka Riekkinen probably has no idea I exist, but I’m a fan and definitely inspired to learn more about what’s possible on the Mobile Art Studio [my iPad pro]. I learned that the symmetry tool is another thing that I have to start on the desktop app on Photoshop, but then works great on the Mobile Art Studio. And I learned a couple things about drawing faces, too!

As for deciding between projects, it’s can be tough sometimes. I had my heart set on one very specific vision, and after a day of researching the experts I realized that vision was not at all going to work for the purpose I had in mind. In the divisive decision between vision and purpose, I ultimately went  with the project idea that leaned toward my end goals. Which in turned inspired me to change another project I felt kind of stuck in. And I think those changes are going to ultimately do me good, even if it is annoying in the meantime.

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