Despite the best laid schedules of people and porpoises, sometimes things go awry. Something takes longer than anticipated, a minor [or major] emergency pops up, a critical tool goes missing, and so on and so forth. And everything all together means that the beloved art projects end up all needing done at the EXACT SAME TIME. This just happens to be happening to me, so I’ll tell you how I handle it.

It’s all coming together! All at once! Despite my best efforts! So yes all the projects are due, and this is how I do it. Whilst I tell you of my plans, you can see the entire process of the color realism commissions from start to finish.

Forget multitasking. Multitasking is a myth, unless you’re doing dead-easy activities that use totally different brain & body parts such as treadmill walking & reading a book at the same time. [I can read a book at 3mph, by the way].

Monotasking all the way! My favorite way to monotask is going all-in on ONE task at a time, either in order of closest due date [85% of my approach if I were to make up a percentage] or in order of size [may 10% of the time]. Most of my self-imposed art projects have arbitrary timelines, but all of those get fitted around the deadlines that can’t be moved. And then at times when I’m sick or wholly unmotivated, I work on the smallest, easiest possible thing and build up momentum by clearing out the low-hanging fruit.

If my art projects are all about same size, effort, due date, and/or I have to wait on feedback on any of them, I will sometimes split them up throughout the day. That way I can switch every few hours if I feel like the monotony is getting to me.

Oh yeah and I also end up facing a LOT of possible distractions, so I’ve come up with ways to handle those. Except sometimes cleaning urges still sometimes win, but then my house is cleaner so that also is a win. In all of that I still have to keep in mind my personal health & relationships, so unless something is a true emergency or very short-term sacrifice I still need to keep the long-term important things on top.

Annnnd with that video done, and that commissions off to the printers, those are two major projects off my list!

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