In this video from RainyCraze, questions are poised. Then questions get answered. Some you may have wondered yourself, some you maybe didn’t know to ask.

Answering questions you didn’t ask!

Exactly one person to date has left any comments on my videos so far, and that’s perfectly fine. That questioned spurred a series of answers from me, but they didn’t necessarily line up with the question. So I wrote my own questions to match my answers. Is that pedantic?

I need content fodder and writing experience anyway, so making use of the opportunity!

At this point I’ve done a full series of digital portraits over the years (hinted at in the thumbnail above). And I just confirmed details on another one. Which means more digital portrait content for a while, so might as well explain a bit of how I go about it. As always if you want to know something, ask! YouTube comments are probably your best bet for answers in the meantime.

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